Postpartum Ceremony "Closing the Bones”

This beautiful ceremony symbolically and energetically acknowledges an event of significance in a woman’s life and the opening of anew cycle and the closing of another. A bridge from one time in her life into another woman/mother to be - mother.

It originated for the Maya K’iche peoples of Guatemala and Medico who know and consider pregnancy to be a sacred and special event.They see pregnancy and childbirth as similar to the sowing and harvest of their land. That the land must be

happy for the harvest to be abundant. The pregnant woman is like the earth at the moment of sowing (emerging), for that reason both are treated with care and formality as both are sacred.

During the birthing process it is said that the woman opens like a channel, her body and her spirit open. In this condition, the woman needs the protection of her spirits, her family, the closest women in her community; therefore, during childbirth she cannot be left alone "if she is lonely an evil spirit can come and harm her and the child”. It is known that the mother moves from a hot energy condition during her pregnancy, labour and and delivery to a cold energy condition (postpartum). Even in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, the mother body energy shifts to an unbalance state where she becomes very vulnerable to the "bad airs" that enter from the uterus. Therefore, it is so necessary for her close with the binding practice (rebozo or bengkung belly binding) 5-8days after birth. This allows the mother to be protected from the bad airs/ spirits that can manifest in the body as cold and postpartum depression.

40 days of rest and abstinence is also practiced, particularly to let the bleeding stop as well as give the body and spirit time to feel ready to close this very transformative stage of the mothers life (pregnancy and childbirth).



General Benefits:

• Better and faster recovery

• Eliminate toxins, fluid and accumulated from childbirth

• Encourage the production of breast milk

• Tissues and bones return to place more quickly

• Reduces postpartum stress and fatigue

• Can help to integrate the pregnancy and birthing

  • Closing of the second chakra " Svadhisthana"- which is associated with emotions & the unconscious


This ceremony is for any woman who wants to take time for self-healing; to integrate and heal her birthing experience and honour her transition into the role of motherhood or any momentous transition through her life motherhood.


  • Sharing stories of the birth experience and intention behind her ceremony

  • Closing bones Massage

  • Sacred botanical bath blend for mum to have her feet bathed and her hands and shoulders massaged

  • Music & meditation & chanting

  • Rocking motion with the traditional Mexican shawl, the rebozo to rock the pelvic bones back into alignment

2-2.5 HOURS


*All fees include supplies. Travel Expenses/mileage will be applied outside of a 20km radius.