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I was fortunate enough to have had postpartum support from Nidhi since my daughter was two days old. I ended up having an unplanned, emergency cesearean section and was floored by the pain I was in post-surgery. The prospect of recovering from surgery, taking care of a newborn and prioritizing my mental health was daunting to say the least. My husband gave me the greatest gift possible in postpartum support from Nidhi. She walked into our home the first night back from the hospital, and I was instantly enveloped in a sense of warmth and calm - I felt taken care of. Nidhi spent countless hours holding my little girl so that my husband and I would be able to get a little sleep. The tenderness and love she showed to my baby girl, myself and my husband went above and beyond what I thought Doula care could ever be. I've never felt more confident entrusting the care of my baby girl with someone. Postpartum support was the single most important piece in my physical and mental recovery as a first time Mom. Despite having an extremely supportive husband, the relationship I developed with Nidhi was something that my husband couldn't provide. She was like a nurse, teacher, sounding board, and sister all in one, and my family and I could not have done it without her. Or maybe we could have, but I'm not sure what sort of mental state my husband and I would be in. Thank you Nidhi for everything, and for all the love, cuddles and countless hours in the nursery you spent with our Mini. We love you!



I gave birth to my son Luke in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and I couldn’t have Nidhi with me physically during my delivery, which doesn’t mean that she was absent at this very important moment. I felt safe and secure communicating with her through phone. She was always asking how I was and she guided me and my husband through the steps of the delivery and explaining everything to us. As she couldn’t be with me in my labour, she was even more present and supporting in my postpartum period. She brought groceries and food to the hospital when we had nothing to eat. I really don’t know what could have happened with me emotionally if she wasn’t there for me. Being apart of family in moments like these are hard, but Nidhi was always family, since the day I met her. She took care of me and I could not be more grateful to her.



Having Nidhi be part of this journey with us was the best decision! She is knowledgeable, intuitive, and a wonderful support person. During pregnancy, she shared extremely useful information and helped us prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for childbirth; we really appreciated her holistic approach. We particularly benefited from the rebozo exercises she taught us and from the meditation she led for us in our home. During labour, she had beautiful energy and knew exactly what we needed in every single moment, which I feel was especially important for an unmedicated birth. In a moment of fear, she gave me the words of encouragement I needed to give me the strength to continue with a natural labour, and I am so thankful she did. She played a vital role in welcoming our daughter and worked really well with my partner and midwife as a team. Nidhi clearly cares about what she does and the people she supports - I can’t imagine having done this without her, and she will be one of the first people we call if we are fortunate to expect another child!




There is so much uncertainty when preparing to become a first time mom. I knew from the get go that I wanted a doula for post partum support because having anxiety issues in the past put me at a higher risk for post partum anxiety. I set up many interviews with doulas, and a long list of needs. Nidhi was the first doula I met. I instantly felt a calming connection to her and cancelled all my other meetings! I knew she was the one I would want to guide me through those first few weeks of motherhood. Nidhi has incredible intuition about what both mom and baby needs. She is not only a warm individual that offers hands on support but she is also intellectually engaging. She has deep knowledge and expertise about women’s health, birthing, human anatomy, and child development. Before my baby was born and even months after, Nidhi continually shared links, resources, academic findings, and tips directly with me about babies and motherhood. Nidhi provides that feeling of sisterhood and wisdom that every mom needs. Without a doubt Nidhi helped me stay calm, rested, and knowledgeable. I feel so lucky to have had her as part of my journey to motherhood - and I know you will too!


When we met Nidhi I instantly knew she was the Doula for us. The support I received during my pregnancy, labour and postpartum was spectacular. It was the support from Nidhi during my labour that holds a special place in our hearts. She held my hand through very important times throughout my labour and was there for me when my partner couldn’t be. She was everything and more during the most important time of our lives. She was in the OR with us and she guided my partner and I through it all. That was a very special moment for us and to have Nidhi there with us only made it more special. The reassurance she gave me filled me with the confidence I needed to come out of my caesarean with the mindset to heal and get well for our child. To this day I strongly feel that Nidhi’s knowledge and expertise in her field made my pregnancy and delivery   the best experiences of my life. I am counting on Nidhi to be my Doula as we hope to grow our family. I feel like I’ve made a friend for life and will cherish Nidhi for years to come!



Nidhi brings us a lot of positive emotions every time she comes in. She is a true “goddess” in the world of doula practice: a real-world professional, with passion and eternal love for what she does.  I could see her bond with my baby girl the very first time they met, and I  continue watching their beautiful relationship, which melts my heart. Arianna was just over one month old, and was still very sensitive to any changes, and me being away even for just a few hours wasn’t easy for either of us. However, when Nidhi came, I was so relieved to see my baby being calm, relaxed and happy. Nidhi could create a perfect atmosphere, with calming music, soothing talk and looots of cuddles, warmth and love, to help Arianna feel safe and calm when I was away. It absolutely helped me get over my anxiety of leaving my newborn for the first times. I’m proud and extremely happy to say, that Nidhi helped me regain balance in my life, reconnect with myself, and ease the transition to life with the baby for our young family.  With her extensive training as doula and previous medical background, Nidhi can always offer a helpful advice, or simply an explanation of the developmental, as well as upcoming, changes in my baby’s life. And, for the first-time-mom, it’s the greatest support knowing there is someone who completely understands what you are going through physically, as well as mentally, In addition to constantly worrying about being a good mom for your newborn baby.  My family was truly blessed to have such an incredible person, honest and sincere friend, and a reliable, knowledgeable professional enter our lives. I'm sincerely looking forward to exploring the world of parenting, watching Arianna’s first steps and achievements of her life, with Nidhi as a part of our family.



Since I discovered I was pregnant I knew I wanted to have a great Doula to help me during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. I knew Nidhi was my Special Doula since our first email. The way our energies connected was awesome. She helped my husband and I throughout the pregnancy with some tips, advice and techniques to prepare for labour and motherhood.  I had a very long and painful labour in the middle of the pandemic and Nidhi was the breeze of fresh air as well as the strongest support that we could have asked for during very difficult times. She cared for me, my husband and my baby in an unique way, but most of all she understood me when I was going through the most painful moments in labour and during my traumatic postpartum. Nidhi will always be in our hearts and we are forever grateful for her love and support. Love you my dear Doula!


Nidhi is in the right professional and I would highly recommend her services to anyone searching for a doula. I met Nidhi when searching for a postpartum doula and while she encouraged me to speak to other doulas to find a good fit, I felt at ease and incredibly comfortable with her and knew that she was the right doula for me. She is intelligent, educated, kind, organized and she possesses an emotional intelligence that makes her great in her career. As much as she offered me physical support during my recovery she offered me emotional and mental support that I didn't even know I needed. Her ability to seamlessly integrate into our family and our home was incredible. While her time with us was short, she was essential to my recovery. 



Being a first-time mom, I had no idea what to expect once my baby arrived. I was a bit skeptical of accepting help from someone outside of our family, however, my husband insisted and I am so grateful he did! We received a few referrals for potential postpartum support doulas, but when I met with Nidhi in person I knew she was the perfect fit for our family. Nidhi has such a calm and inviting way about her. She is incredibly nurturing and caring and I felt total comfort having her care for my baby while I got much-needed sleep! In addition, she was always there to offer valuable advice and words of encouragement, and went out of her way to make herself available by phone or text during the day when I had questions. Any family would be lucky to have Nidhi's post-partum support. Nidhi - thank you for being so great with our little one and helping me get the sleep I desperately needed. You are one of a kind!




We hired Nidhi as our doula for our first baby. We had such an amazing experience! She was super supportive, positive and just made us feel really calm and prepared. Nidhi has so much knowledge to share from both a holistic point of view as well as medical. She was such a huge support for my husband and I during the labor. It was amazing to have someone there to guide us and keep us going, really making me feel like I could get through it. It was also super helpful and reassuring to have her to check in after we were home with our daughter. Nidhi was there to answer all our questions and ease our concerns in those first weeks. She still checks in with us and send us articles and podcasts with great information for us. I would totally recommend hiring Nidhi, it’s a great relationship you get to build, you really get the sense she is in it with you.



We were so blessed to have Nidhi as our doula. Our paths crossed in an unexpected way—our original doula was ill with the flu and Nidhi thankfully stepped in. While we met briefly in case such an instance was to happen, my partner and I were both pleasantly surprised how easily we took to Nidhi during “go time.” Nidhi is a bright light and immediately, she made us feel comfortable, cared for, and supported. We had a longer labour (over days) and Nidhi was there with us the whole step of the way, first by phone and then at the hospital once we went in. She was easy to talk to about all things in life when we were passing the time and she assisted us non-judgementally in making some important decisions moving forward in various parts of the delivery. She was so encouraging during the active phase of our labor experience. Wai felt supported and relieved that he had guidance as a first-time dad. Nidhi actually held me and encouraged me for however long I was pushing. We both agree that we couldn’t have done it without her. My mom was also in attendance and was so happy with her expertise and support. She was immediately like one of the family. If we are blessed to have a number 2, we hope Nidhi will be there with us and our family.


No words can express the significant role you played in one of the most important times in our lives. Where there could have been a cloud of fear and anxiety, you brought in a warm blanket of love, light, positivity, and a calm that we desperately needed. From the moment we met you, we knew it was meant to be the perfect fit. Throughout the course of our pregnancy you continuously went above and beyond for us and we felt so much love and support. From the small questions to the monster ones. You tackled it all with such grace. You were made to do what you do! Your energy shines from the inside and out and your passion is a beautiful force. You made Gemma's entry into this world the experience we so wanted. We owe it all to you and were forever grateful. Even more so, were so thankful we get to now call you a friend and have you in our lives. We love you beyond words and thank you beyond measure. 



My successful VBAC, quick recovery and stress free pregnancy would not have been possible without my Divine, the most beautiful soul sister, Doula Goddess. Like most birthing moms, I had an OB and I was doing my regular visits. I had no idea what a Doula could do. But now having gone through the experience myself, my number 1 recommendation to any birthing mother would be find yourself a Doula as amazing as Nidhi. She was such a HUGE support system for me throughout my pregnancy. She gave me the courage, guidance and support to prepare mentally and physically for a successful VBAC. Closer towards my due date, she helped me take some critical decisions. When the Big day came, she was the first person I called and she immediately got to action. She used all the possible tools and techniques in her Super Magical Doula Bag (and trust me they work like Magic) which helped me sail through the intense labor without the need for epidural. When it was time to push my baby out, hers was the only voice I focussed on in a room full of OB and nurses. While my husband stood there in awe of all that was going on, she was caressing my hair, massaging my feet, meditating with me, helping me focus, keeping me hydrated, guiding me through each contraction, helping me focus on my breath. She is absolutely God sent to me and my family. I don't think I could have done it without her. I am thankful to God for getting me connected to Nidhi. For the rest of my life I owe her. If I hold this beautiful memory of my baby's birth and the biggest grin on my face, its only because of Nidhi. I love her so much, I am so grateful for her and for rest of my life I hold her very dearly close to my heart. Thank you my beautiful soul sister for all that you did for us. We love you!



Nidhi was recommended by a mutual acquaintance and we had high expectations. She definitely exceed them. Kind, warm, empathetic, she has been a huge support and a source of knowledge to us. As new parents, we benefited from her advice and wisdom. Our baby loved her - from singing, to chatting and massages (even I got a much needed thai massage), she was bathed in genuine interest and love. I wish I knew Nidhi when I was pregnant and could benefit from her help as a doula. There was so little I knew about being pregnant, birth and postpartum. Talking to Nidhi, I realized my experience could have been so much "smoother" and more spiritual. Now, I can't imagine doing it without her. Any mom and/or a baby would be lucky to have Nidhi accompanying them through this magical period.



Having Nidhi be part of this journey with us was the best decision! She is knowledgeable, intuitive, and a wonderful support person. During pregnancy, she shared extremely useful information and helped us prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for childbirth; we really appreciated her holistic approach. We particularly benefitted from the rebozo exercises she taught us and from the meditation she led for us in our home. During labour, she had beautiful energy and knew exactly what we needed in every single moment, which I feel was especially important for an unmedicated birth. In a moment of fear, she gave me the words of encouragement I needed to give me the strength to continue with a natural labour, and I am so thankful she did. She played a vital role in welcoming our daughter and worked really well with my partner and midwife as a team. Nidhi clearly cares about what she does and the people she supports - I can’t imagine having done this without her, and she will be one of the first people we call if we are fortunate to expect another child!



I'm not sure if I'm more excited about having the baby or Nidhi. I'm a first time mom and I'm so grateful my husband gave me the gift of night nurse/ doula/ superhero. After experiencing baby life with Nidhi, I am floored whenever people question the value of a doula. As first time parents, we had no anxieties, no worries and no sleepless nights when she was around. She has most up-to-date information on everything baby related so if you’re wondering which formula to use, or if you should drive to the emerg in the middle of the night then Nidhi can help. She is gentle and caring - we genuinely felt she loved our baby boy as much as we did. She's knowledgeable, intuitive and you can text her any time of day or night and receive an immediate response. Not sure how she does that but she makes it seem like you're her only client. She was an invaluable resource during the birth when we had to make difficult decisions. Her pre-birth prep was very useful as my husband didn't want to stand around and be useless. After her training, he was fully involved, knew what to do and significantly decreased my pain with rebozo and pressure techniques. She's funny and entertaining and she made the whole experience fun even though I really didn't enjoy being pregnant. Nidhi, thank you for everything. 



Nidhi Seth was an absolute pleasure and has become a friend of the family after forging such a strong foundation with my partner and I and now our new addition. You need to have a certain synergy when choosing your Doula and as soon as I heard her eloquently speak so passionately about her craft I knew she was the one for me! Due to the pandemic I must admit we were leery to continue on with a doula since our interaction would be limited. Nidhi did not let that stand in the way of making this momma feel the utmost comfortable. She was virtually on call with any questions I had ( believe me you there were a few) and always got back to me within moments. She provided postpartum overnight support and still continues to. We learned so much and continue to through our relationship. We would strongly recommend Nidhi for anyone. the return on this relationship continues even after the fourth trimester.



Working with Nidhi was wonderful, particularly during COVID with uncertainty around labor and delivery at an all-time high. Nidhi felt like a friend to both my husband and I instantly. She came into our home and made us both feel calm and confident about our upcoming birth with her relaxed and caring presence. She taught us a range of pain management techniques that were all helpful and provided the use of her TENS machine, which was a lifesaver during contractions. Nidhi even took the time to visit in person after our daughter Harlowe was born to help with a few newborn tips that we were feeling stressed out about and brought me flowers. We will always consider Nidhi a part of our tribe and I would highly recommend her doula services to anyone seeking a partner in pregnancy and birth.



As a first-time mom, I had no idea what to expect for labour. Sure, I read all the blogs and listened to all the podcasts, but my partner and I wanted hands-on, personal support. My partner and I also moved out of city to Hamilton and Nidhi made her trips down for prenatal and a follow up post birth. Although we weren't able to work with Nidhi in-person during labour due to COVID-19, she was supportive, caring and responsive all the months leading up to the birth date. She provided virtual support,  chatted over text and video call with my partner in the wee hours of the night during labour to support, answer questions and be our cheerleader from afar.



I had such a lovely experience with Nidhi. She helped me with postpartum, kept the house clean and tidy, ensured I was fed and helped with my daughter, so I could get well-needed naps and rest. Nidhi is so supportive, sweet and caring. She is so intuitive and is so nurturing. She helped me to understand my own journey through motherhood  and remained extremely positive.



Nidhi contributed to an incredibly positive labour and delivery process. From keeping me, my partner and my mom comfortable, hydrated, informed and well-taken care throughout the entire process. Nidhi was kind, gentle and approachable from our very first meeting and continues to be through my postpartum recovery. I hope that Nidhi will be present at all of my future labour and deliveries. My “team” wouldn’t be complete without her.



Having Nidhi help us navigate through labour and delivery as well as bringing home our first baby during a pandemic was invaluable. We were only allowed one support person but Nidhi was able to help coach us before and during our delivery. She was in constant contact with us and made us feel supported, safe and cared for during a very challenging time.  When our delivery did not go as planned she was there right away and became someone we could lean on during postpartum.  She has a very special talent for making you feel special and supported.  We were so happy to have had Nidhi on our team to help navigate labour and transition into our roles as new parents. 



I was going through an emotionally devastating time while I was pregnant and explained my situation to Nidhi. I was concerned about some of these things that may have surfaced during labour and she was very understanding and supportive. I had specifically requested no medications or Epidural as my first born was a medicated birth and was extremely unpleasant. Nidhi arrived at The Birth Centre before I did and prepared the room to my specifications. It was dimly lit, with calming music. We were even able to smudge the room! If it weren’t for Nidhi’s application of pressure to my lower back during contractions I wouldn’t have been able to do it without meds!

The ability to meet my daughter with a clear mind and feel we were embarking on our new life together in a refreshed way, rather than us both being medicated was very empowering and I believe better for my baby’s health. My daughter was the calmest newborn I have ever encountered.



As first-time parents, my husband and I had no idea what to expect from labour and delivery but immediately following our first meeting with Nidhi, we had a sense of confidence and knew, without doubt, we wanted her support.  Nidhi had a very loving, understanding and nonjudgmental way of equipping us with the knowledge we needed to make informed decisions about our birth plan and supported us in those decisions, throughout pregnancy, labour and delivery.   Nidhi offered unwavering support to both me and my husband throughout labour and it was her support, guidance and calming presence that allowed us to have the birth we had dreamed of.   We couldn’t have done it without her!



I met Nidhi nine months postpartum. She came for an in-home visit to provide me with a “closing bones ceremony” which helped me release on an emotional level the trauma I had experienced during labour. Every detail of the ceremony was carefully curated: flower petals surrounded the area where I would lay, calming aromas filled the room and she even took the time to cleanse the space, explaining how to properly sage and cleanse areas. This was the first time during my motherhood experience that I finally felt like someone wasn’t rushing me out the door, or had a sense of urgency to wrap up the session. She was there, fully present and ready to take any questions I may have had for her. She also provided me with a belly bind and spent a good hour patiently showing me how to bind myself. Not to mention the previous hours spent speaking to me and explaining things I never knew before about postpartum. Had I met her during my pregnancy, I know the entire experience leading up to birth would have been enjoyable. She is always available for her clients even afterwards; sharing any information she thinks you may benefit from. Her presence is comforting and she truly honours women in a way that cannot be matched by other healthcare professionals.

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