Bengkung Belly Binding 

Bengkung Belly Binding  ( Postpartum Belly Binding ) is a traditional postpartum practice in India, China & Malaysia and many other countries. It is the art of wrapping a women's belly and hips after birth for physical support and to help fasten the recovery process after childbirth.  

This technique uses a very long and narrow strip of muslin cloth that is wrapped firmly but gently around the abdomen from the hips to the ribcage.  Traditionally it is worn for 44 days confinement but can also be worn for a minimum of 5 days up until 6 months postpartum.

Belly binding is a divine sacred practice that honours the woman who has just given birth. It helps her to connect back to her body, mind and spirit and process her birth and honouring her role into motherhood.


Birth is a journey and experience of openness, sensitivity, & vulnerability as it challenges the physical body, mind and spirit. Belly binding helps to close and seal the experience of pregnancy and birth. It brings back feelings of peace, love, connection, encouragement, warmth and deep healing within ourselves.


"I met Nidhi nine months postpartum. She came for an in-home visit to provide me with a “closing bones ceremony” which helped me release on an emotional level the trauma I had experienced during labour. Every detail of the ceremony was carefully curated: flower petals surrounded the area where I would lay, calming aromas filled the room and she even took the time to cleanse the space, explaining how to properly sage and cleanse areas. This was the first time during my motherhood experience that I finally felt like someone wasn’t rushing me out the door, or had a sense of urgency to wrap up the session. She was there, fully present and ready to take any questions I may have had for her. She also provided me with a belly bind and spent a good hour patiently showing me how to bind myself. Not to mention the previous hours spent speaking to me and explaining things I never knew before about postpartum. Had I met her during my pregnancy, I know the entire experience leading up to birth would have been enjoyable. She is always available for her clients even afterwards; sharing any information she thinks you may benefit from. Her presence is comforting and she truly honours women in a way that cannot be matched by other healthcare professionals." - Josie C ( June 2020)

The Physical Benefits of Belly Binding:

  • Supports the internal organs

  • Assists in abdominal wall retraction

  • Helps in diastasis recti recovery

  • Reduces the postpartum “pooch” that many people experience after birth

  • Encourages good posture, especially while feeding or holding your baby

  • Improves circulation

  • Reduces water retention

  • Encourages closing and reshaping of the hips and rib cage

  • Helps decrease postpartum bleeding time

  • Supports the pelvic floor

  • Helps lessen afterpains

  • Encourages spinal realignment to a pre-pregnancy state


Belly Binding Packages

In-Person packages include:

  • Your choice of Coloured/Plain Muslin 

  • Ayurvedic belly binding paste- Custom

  • Womb Closing Ceremony

  • Teaching you/partner how to do a self bind ( In-Person)

  • Follow-up support via Video/Phone/Text

  • Resources & research links for you 


Virtual package include:

  • Your choice of Coloured/Plain Muslin 

  • Ayurvedic belly binding paste- Custom

  • Womb Closing Ceremony

  • Teaching you/partner how to do a self bind ( Virtually)

  • Follow-up support via Video/Phone/Text

  • Resources & research links for you 

*HST will be added to payment

Clients over 40 Km will be charged a $20 distance charge

Clients over 60 KM will be charged a $40 distance charge



Virtual Bind

1-Day Belly Binding + Teaching



1-Day Belly Binding + Teaching



3-Days Belly Binding+ Teaching



5-Days Belly Binding+ Teaching

Ayurvedic Warming Belly Paste

Each Belly Binding Session Includes an optional and personalised Ayurvedic Belly Paste.

It consists of a traditional Herbal Blend of ;Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, Ground Turmeric, Bentonite Clay, Ground Black Pepper, Ground Cloves, Powdered Ginger, Cinnamon, Powdered Calendula (optional). 

Organic Essential Oils such as

Clove, Cypress, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Lime, Lavender, Geranium, Clary Sage, Ginger, Black Pepper, Patchouli, Honeysuckle, Digestive Blend


*each ingredient used in the paste is Certified Organic and sourced to give you the highest level


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