Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula

Mothering the Mother - the Ayurvedic way.

The Pillars of Care during the First 42 Days where the core focus of the Ayurvedic

Postpartum Doula is Nourishment, Yoga, Bodywork and Rest.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term and translates to mean the science of life.

Ayurveda is the oldest medical institution in the world. A 5000+ year old way of life that focuses on the complete re- balance of the body with prevention of disease and illness to the body. Originating from India, Ayurveda connects to knowing that, " Everything in the Universe is Medicinal." 

This system of individualised medicine looks at the window of the postpartum period as a time where greatest healing and rejuvenation is needed for mother. There may not be another time in one’s life where slowing down is more necessary.

The Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula shares support through the

Four Pillars of Care.

(1) HEALING: foods and herbs;

(2) MEDITATION:  breath work ,yoga mindful practices;

(3) DAILY SELF CARE: including warm oil massage & belly binding

(4) REST: Helping the brand-new mother with rest.

As a Doula, my role is to support you as you move into your role of motherhood.  My role with you and your family will change day to day as I will support you emotionally and help you adjust to being a mother. I will also be there to help you physically as you heal from labor. My presence will provide you & your family with reassurance, comfort and confidence during this new and amazing time.


As a Postpartum Ayurvedic Doula, my role is to mother the mother. I will support and nurture your new role as parents or help with the transition of having a new baby with previous children. 

** Individual packages can also be accommodated **


  • Postpartum Bengkung Belly Binding

  • Ayurvedic healing foods and herbs

  • Meditation, Breathwork, mindful practices & relaxation techniques

  • Daily self care- including warm oil massage

  • Rest, one of the most important staples that an ayurvedic postpartum doula makes possible for the brand-new mother.

  • Emotional Support

  • Breastfeeding support, bottle feeding and education

  • New baby care such as diaper changes, bathing baby, infant massages, & safe sleep habits.

  • Parenting tips and advice

  • Baby Snuggling Time

  • Light Household Chores

  • Relaxation and coping techniques

  • Grocery shopping and healthy meal preparation

  • Emotional support


Ayurvedic Postpartum Support

Enjoy daytime Hours of Ayurvedic Postpartum Support.

Visits are a minimum of 4 hours

Contact me for 42 Days of Ayurvedic Postpartum  Doula Package

Sleeping Baby

Overnight Sleep Support

​I will be here to help you with overnight duties so you can get extra rest while your baby gets the love & attention they need.

Visits are a minimum of 8 hours


                   for special Overnight Packages 


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