About Me

I am a Birth Doula, an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, Hatha & Pre/Postnatal Yoga Instructor, Thai Massage Therapist, Certified Bengkung Belly Binding Practitioner, and offer Shamanic Womb Healing Ceremonies to families who need it most.

I am here to facilitate a positive and empowering pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience while helping you and your family gain more knowledge during the most sacred and important time of your life.​

I started my journey as a MD student in Europe for 8 years.  Having seen the in's and out's of the medical system, I left school in pursuit for alternative holistic methods of healing and connection back to self. I came to the realization that the power to heal and push through adversity came down to the amount of hours of careful planning, education and support team present. Since leaving medical school, I began my own spiritual journey in search of knowledge to be reconnected to this divine miracle

I was first introduced to the incredible work of a Doula in 2017 and the impact that they have before, during, and after birth. I realized how crucial mental, emotional, and physical support is needed for the most physically enduring experience a labouring mother will ever go through. It became my duty to be able to create a safe & protective space for the birthing mother and their family, and to make sure she is heard, informed and making decsions from a place of empowerment and understanding. I was especially concerned when I was involved in deliveries in medical school, and witnessed how little information most mothers were given and how little their birthing choices were taken into account.  This propelled me to support women and birthing families during the most important time in their lives.

I am here to help you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period. I am here to hold space for you and your journey and offer non-judgemental and informed care and support. I combine Western & Ancient Medicine, teachings, and knowledge to offer the most balanced and empowering journey that you will embark on. 


Greetings!  My name Nidhi Seth. I serve the Toronto, Vaughan & GTA as an experienced Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula and offer personalised prenatal, birthing, and postnatal support to families. My goal is to give you and your family the attention and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and labour process with true wellness. 

Training & Certification

  • MD Student in Europe from 2008-2015

  • Certified Birth Doula CD(DONA)

  • Certified Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula ( Ayurvedic Mamas)

  • Trained in Shamanic Womb Healing Ceremonies such as; The Closing of the Bones ( Postpartum Ceremony ), Mother's Blessing

  • Trained in Rebozo comfort Measure - The Gena Kirby Method

  • Trained in TENS Machine comfort measures ( DONA)

  • Accredited Breastfeeding Course ( DONA)

  • Accredited Infant Sleep Course ( DONA)

  • Certified Pre/Postnatal Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor YTT 500

  • Certified Thai Massage Therapist

  • Certified Bengkung Belly Binding Practioner

  • Certified in Emergency Adult/Infant /Child First Aid + CPR C-2020

  • Currently : Training to become a Clinical Herbalist in Ontario ( 2020-2022)- Elderberry Clinic, Peterborough


  • Attended over 60+ Births as a Doula and MD Student

  • Worked with over 60+ families in Postpartum Care

  • Full Spectrum Doula

  • Breastfeeding + Bottle Feeding

  • First-second-third time parents

  • Home/Hospital/Birth centre

  • Midwives/OBGYN

  • Breech/transverse

  • High risk & complications/low risk

  • Water birth

  • Natural/Unmedicated/medicated/epidural

  • Inductions

  • Mother's with Gestational Diabetes

  • Scheduled/emergency/cesarean sections

  • Vaginal Birth

  • VBAC ( vaginal birth after Cesarean)

  • Assisted Delivery

  • Premature delivery/postpartum

  • Pre-existing epilepsy, asthma, scoliosis, and blood conditions -VBAC

  • Pre-existing * Pre/postnatal depression and anxiety

  • Postpartum complication/depression/anxiety

  • Postpartum recovery from episiotomy & tears


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